ESO Sorcerer Build For DPS and PvP

Building a character for group play and PVP is different from building a character for either group play or PvP alone. An ESO sorcerer build for DPS in groups will be able to rely on a team to support her and focus on doing her job within the group. In contrast, a PvP character might play with a group, especially if they are part of a PvP guild, but the roles will be less defined, and they may find themselves playing PvP solo as often as in a group. Just like trying to build a character that can effectively solo quest and handle group dungeons, a build that can handle DPS in group play and be effective in PvP requires a balanced build.

Find The Best ESO Sorcerer Build

An ESO Sorcerer DPS build can be created several ways. One of the most popular is to use summoning spells, calling forth allies which do damage to multiple enemies at the same time that the character is able to attack directly. Among other benefits, this allows the character to engage multiple enemies at once, which can be especially helpful in high-level raids where the tank isn’t able to effectively aggro the many enemies. Because a DPS build can be useful in PvP when playing in established groups, the best eso sorcerer build will start with DPS, and be modified later with PvP specific skills and abilities.

To adapt your DPS character to PvP, start by taking it into PvP and see what work, and what doesn’t. You will probably find you need to add a healing skill to your hot bar, because you can’t be certain that a healer will be on hand in PvP when you need one. If you used summonings a lot for DPS, you’ll probably want to balance them with defensive abilities and direct attacks. Having your summoned creatures attack a bunch of enemies and disappear leaves you a target unless you can immediately summon more, or have a team to back you up.

For more on mixed builds, and details how to create a PvP/DPS mixed build, check out our elder scrolls online sorcerer guide. You’ll find information on a wide range of builds, detailed information on PvP and group play, and much more.

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